Competitors, What Competitors?

There is NO competitor on the market with better rates, larger capacity or more features.

Lowest Prices

Prices as low as 1/2 cents per minute for political & non-commercial voice broadcasting.

Fastest Send Speeds

We give the ability to send out over 17,000 messages per minute.

Largest Capacity

Each account has the ability to send out 1 million messages per hour minimum.

Most Features

200 features including IVR Surveys, Patch through calling & real time recording ALL FREE!


Political Voice Broadcasting WITHOUT the headaches

Set up on mobile or desktops
Real-time reporting
Super easy to use

Landlines are NOT dead

Statista’s in depth research in 2020 shows landlines are alive & well with over 150 million active landlines in the US. Did you know landline homes are more likely to own their home, vote and donate to campaigns and have the highest wealth compared to mobile only homes?

Reach voters who actually vote. Landline voters are more likely to be registered to vote as well.
Get Higher Donation Amounts, Landline voters are more established & have better credit.
Landline voters are generally more likely to give higher donation amounts for political reasons.
It is 100% legal to send political & non commercial voice broadcasts & surveys to landlines.

Powerful Features

Rallytree is a triple threat Lowest Prices, Highest Capacity & Best FEATURES.

Free Whitelabel

100% your brand included on our pro plans.

Capacity in all 50 States

Dial in all 50 states without restriction.

Surveys & Polls

Options to run simple or advance IVR surveys.

Randomized Poll Questions

The IVR poll feature adds randomization to your polling questions order.

Target Auto Stop

Set stop ranges & auto stop dialing when it’s reached.

Job Wizards

Simple & Quick Campaign Builder.

Live Patch-through

Easily route calls to agents or phone numbers.

Auto-Transfer Throttling

Control the speed of inbound transfers.

Easy Recording

Assign Pins to Clients for record messages.


Set unlimited advanced schedules.

Fast Uploads

Easily Upload Millions of Records in Seconds.


Set unlimited advanced schedules.

Mobile Scrubbing

Separate landlines from Mobile Numbers.

Extreme Reports

Detailed & Advanced Reporting.

Caller ID Pools

Cycle caller IDs to ensure the pickup rate is high.


Answering machine, busy signal, or a no answer, can be retried later.

Voice Responses

Allow voice responses in addition or key presses with polls.

DTMF Key Presses

Allows you to use any digit from 0-9, * and the # key to collect responses.

Simple and transparent pricing

We do not force you into a commitment. All plans are billed monthly & you can top up, pause, upgrade or cancel anytime!

Professional plan low as:

1/2 cent per minute ($0.005)

  • Full White Label Included
  • IVR Surveys included
  • Zero Commitments
  • Billed in 6 segment increments
  • 5 Day Risk Free Trial


Standard Plan
  • Power And Predictive Dialing
  • customer experience
  • Power And Predictive Dialing